Gamedev Animation Studio 3 - features

Gamedev Animation Studio is a simple, easy-to-use yet flexible and powerful sprite animation tool with reasonable pricing. Being game designers ourselves, we tried to make a perfect tool to satisfy common needs of a typical indie game developer. At the same time we tried to keep the price reasonable. So here is what Gamedev Animation Studio has got in its armory:

1Creating Animated Sprites

The sprite editor allows to create animated images from textures. Bezier curves underlying the animation process provide for smooth and flexible real-time animation of many parameters of the image: size, position, scale, rotation angle, hot spot coordinates, transparency level, sprite rectangle boundaries and so on. You can manually adjust any of them, or combine several effects for more complex transformations.

2Individual Bezier Curve Adjustment

Conveniently, every spline curve can be customized separately from all others. This allows you to tune up FPS, loop settings (one-time animation, loop animation or reverse) and apply maximum and minimum constrictions individually for any curve. The support of “relative” curves allows using the same animation path with different multipliers providing even more flexibility.

3Instant Preview

The result of the animation immediately shows up in the separate preview window for easier estimation. Plus, the preview doesn’t stick to the main application window, so you can move it onto another monitor if needed.

4Synchronize with Audio

Applying sound effects to a sprite could be tricky, but Gamedev Animation Studio makes this process much easier. Load any existing audio file and apply it to a sprite, then specify the way you’d like to synch the audio with the animation.

5Wide Exporting Capabilities

Aside from typical PNG and AVI exporting, the program features two particularly interesting export modes. First, Gamedev Animation Studio can export animated images into C++ or C# classes you can instantly include right into your project thanks to provided API! This amazing option extremely speeds up the sprite development stage! In addition the editor can export animations to a text file as pre-calculated curve values or as metadata of spline curves.

6Versatile and Affordable Sprite Editor

Gamedev Animation Studio promotes much easier game development by taking sprite animation job from you. With it, you can concentrate on core ideas of your game, focus on building addicting gameplay and memorable atmosphere, committing the technical part of animation to Gamedev Animation Studio.

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