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Gamedev Animation Studio is a simple, easy-to-use yet flexible and powerful sprite animation tool with reasonable pricing. Being game designers ourselves, we tried to make a perfect tool to satisfy common needs of a typical indie game developer. With it, you can concentrate on core ideas of your game, committing the technical part of animation to Gamedev Animation Studio.

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Turning a set of textures into vivid high-quality animation is a common task in game development. And while pro developers have a bunch of tools to make virtually everything they want, indie game designers usually don’t enjoy that wide abundance. Nonetheless effortless and pixel precise sprite animation still remains a crucial task for them! That is why we developed Gamedev Animation Studio – a versatile, low-priced tool for sprite animation with rich exporting and synchronizing capabilities.
Easy Sprite Creation
The animation process is extremely simple thanks to transparent and non-overloaded interface of the program, so creating an eye-catching animated image from a texture pack, applying and synchronizing a sound file with it, or making an animated interface element for your project is easy as pie.
Curve-powered Animation
Typical ways to animate a sprite, including positioning, scaling, rotation and others are powered and controlled in Animation Studio by Bezier curves. This opens exceptional animation flexibility, as you can vary not only how an object should move or transform, but also how various parts of the animation should relate to each other.
Instant Preview
The result of the animation immediately shows up in the separate preview window for easier estimation. Plus, the preview doesn’t stick to the main application window, so you can move it onto another monitor if needed.
Exporting to Ready-to-go Formats
Making an animated sprite is merely a part of the work, but Gamedev Animation Studio doesn’t do things half-way. With it, you easily create an animation, and then directly export it into turnkey, ready-to-go formats, such as C++ and C# classes, PNG images or AVI movies.
Overall, Gamedev Animation Studio is a balanced mix of functionality and availability certainly making it a perfect choice for any casual game developer or indie designer. Try it for free!
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“It allows you to create complex animations with minimum effort, by using a simple system to define object movement. Using Gamedev Animation Studio, you will be able to create complex animations in no time.”
Jerome Johnston